Nest History:

There are two active bald eagle nests in Hinsdale, NH along the Connecticut River. The one pictured below is a nest that New Hampshire Audubon refers to as the Wantastiquet nest, and it is one of my favorites. The story goes that the original pair had built a nest,  prior to 2017, on the Connecticut River that was visible from the West River Trail in a tree about a half mile from where the nest was in 2018-2020. That nest was taken over by a pair of ospreys (Yes, it happens and yes, I saw the ospreys and their offspring in that nest that year). The bald eagle pair rebuilt their nest further down the river from their "old" nest in 2017.

The year 2020 would be an unusual year and not in a good way. B/O was on a highway feeding off a deceased deer when he was struck by a car and killed. A new male came to the nest soon after. There were already 2 chicks in the nest (from B/O and 9/K) but the new male raised them, along with 9/K, as if they were his own. In late fall/early winter of 2020 the nest fell. Not one stick was left. Ironically, 9/K and her new male mate rebuilt their new nest in the old nest sight! Yes, the one the ospreys occupied! In 2021 they had an eaglet of their own and successfully raised it in the new/old nest. The new male is not banded so, unfortunately,  I have no information on him. 

Bald Eagle Identification:

I was able to identify both original bald eagles (9/K & B/O) from their colored leg bands. The state band on a bald eagle leg generally has two characters etched into it. Each state uses a different color band. In this case, the male bald eagle has the characters B/O etched on a gold band. I submitted that info to a bald eagle identification website and received information about that eagle.

The male (B/O) was hatched in 2008 in Massachusetts. The female, 9/K, was hatched in 2007 in Connecticut. They say that bald eagles will make their home within 250 miles of the place they were hatched. 

Eaglet Count:

2018 - One Eaglet

2019 - One Eaglet

2020 - Two eaglets

2021 - One Eaglet


Below, Adult female bald eagle, 9/K. She was hatched in Connecticut in 2007.

Female adult bald eagleFeakingFemale adult bald eagle, 9/K. You can see her band clearly here. She was hatched in 2007 in Connecticut.

Below is the nest in 2018, in its old location. This is 9/k and her chick that year.
Beak to BeakBeak to BeakAdult male bald eagle and his eaglet. They are sitting in their nest in Hinsdale, NH on the Connecticut River. It will take 5 years for the juvenile to become an adult and obtain the white feathers on its head and tail.