Nest History:

I believe this is the oldest nest in the immediate area. I know it has been there, in the same location, since at least 2009. The nest is easily visible, but at a good distance away without the possibility of humans getting close to it. It's a smart location but is growing weary. The nest was originally built in the crotch of a very large dead tree. There were 3 large limbs making up the "Y" of that tree, assisting with the stability of the nest and allowing it to grow to an enormous size. These limbs have broken off one by one over the last 2 years and now the nest rests on the top of the tree with limited support and is much smaller in size. I would hate to see them leave this spot so I am hoping the nest continues to be sturdy.

Bald Eagle Identification:

This pair is a bit of a mystery. It is very difficult to get close enough to them to get a clear shot of the leg band. IN this case, the female is not banded but is believed to be original to the nest. The male, however, has changed. Up until 2019, the male had a blue band (indicating he was probably hatched in New York). But then the male in the nest showed a copper color band. It is not the same eagle and has been in the nest for the last 2 years. I don't know what happened to the original male but the nest is quite old and most likely, so was he.