Nest History:

The nest for this pair was originally in Dummerston, along the Connecticut River. Even when it was located there, both adults from the nest would fish at the Retreat Meadows in Brattleboro, so the pair gained some notoriety. In 2016/2017 their nest fell and, at that point, they chose to relocate to West Chesterfield, New Hampshire, just over the Vermont border. Though it seems less frequently, they both still can be seen on occasion at the Retreat Meadows. Their nest is currently on private land and is difficult to see. They do stay near their nest during eaglet season and have been fairly easy to spot. They are still close to the river. I feel very connected to this particular pair of bald eagles and look forward to seeing them every year.

Bald Eagle Identification:

So, there is a long history with this particular pair of bald eagles. The male is A/P who was, in part, banded by the current senior biologist of New Hampshire Audubon, Chris Martin in Plainfield, NH in 2010. The photos below were sent to me by Mr. Martin (they are not my photos) and are images of A/P being banded as an eaglet. I was told he had a sister but that her band has never been reported. 

The female (the mate of A/P) in this pair is not banded, so there is no information on her.