Chesterfield/Brattleboro Nest

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West Chesterfield/Brattleboro Bald Eagle Nest


April 13, 2019:

The first bald eagle I ever saw in Vermont was A over P, a male bald eagle banded in 2010 in Plainfield, NH. I see him there often BUT his nest is NOT in Brattleboro. There was a nest in Dummerston, Vermont that fell in 2016/2017. No one was sure where or if they rebuilt a nest. The pair from this nest can often be seen at the Retreat Meadows in Brattleboro, which is why I added Brattleboro on the title of this page. New Hampshire Audubon made a wonderful discovery last summer, and determined their nest is now in West Chesterfield, New Hampshire. Part of my bird bucket list for the summer of 2019 is to be able to view the nest and/or their eaglets this year. The female is not banded, so we have limited information on her. I feel a great connection with this particular bald eagle, and enjoy photographing him most of all. He’s been very tolerant and has allowed me to get some really wonderful shots of him and his mate. I have been observing this pair since 2017.

Another photo of banded bald eagle Black band A over P. This was taken at the Retreat Meadows in Brattleboro in May of 2018 from my kayak. You can see the black band on his leg if you look closely.

April 17, 2019:

I’m not sure what to make of what I saw today. A over P was in his

Female mate of A over P being very vocal at the Retreat Meadows in Brattleboro. April 17, 2019

favorite sycamore tree when I saw him from the kayak. He stayed about 10 minutes and then left. About an hour later I saw him again in the same tree. A few minutes later his mate flew into the tree next to him. The female was very vocal. They spent about 10 minutes together before A over P flew off again. I was concerned seeing them both at the same time because it means the nest wasn’t being watched. Maybe the eggs have hatched? It might explain seeing both of them together for a few

A over P preening while hanging out at the Retreat Meadows in Brattleboro. April 17, 2019.

minutes. I have confirmation from Audubon that they were seen incubating. I have been contacted by NH Audubon to see if I would like to go out with their senior biologist to their nest. I’m hoping we are able to coordinate a time. I would absolutely love to see their nest! These photos were taken from the kayak at the Retreat Meadows in Brattleboro while they were together, but on opposite trees. I didn’t see either of them fishing, but there was lots of chatter and preening happening. It was a beautiful day for photos.

January 2020

A/P in all his glory fishing on the ice at the Retreat Meadows in Brattleboro

May 5, 2020

I See You!A/P in Brattleboro - May 2021

This was May 5, 2020. He was near the Meadows as usual, but in a completely different tree on the other side of the road. You can clearly see his leg band. It was great to see him!


May/June 2020

I stopped by A/P's hangout spot in West Chesterfield near his nest and got pretty lucky! He stopped by for a quick visit and showed off his pretty leg band to me. I will never get tired of watching him.

Male bald eagle, West Chesterfield NHA/P Flying High!Male adult bald eagle, A/P taking flight and showing off his leg band. Photo taken from the kayak in West Chesterfield.


August 6, 2020

Today was extra special. I have been following this pair of eagles for several years but still have not been able to see their nest, which is very hard to see due to its location. The nest is in West Chesterfield set back from the Connecticut River, but there is a small cove they like to spend time in near the nest. I paddled out in the kayak today to see this beautiful sight. This is the offspring of A/P. The first juvenile of theirs I have been able to see. I spent about a half hour just watching the eaglet. I have no words to describe how special this moment was to me.

juvenile bald eagleA/P's eaglet 2020A/P's juvenile offspring for 2022. Photographed in West Chesterfield, NH along the CT River. bald eagle, West Chesterfield NHA/PMy favorite bald eagle in West Chesterfield showing off his offspring. Juvenile bald eagleJuvenile bald eagleA/P's juvenile offspring for 2022. Photographed in West Chesterfield, NH along the CT River. Juvenile bald eagleOffspring of A/P 2020Juvenile bald eagle offspring of A/P 2020

April 2021


apr 2021apr 2021

I paddled out to the spot I go to in order to visit A/P. I found a pretty big surprise today! I didn't see A/P or his mate but I did see this beauty!  From the coloration of the feathers, I am guessing that this one is its fourth year of life. Close to an adult, but not quite. It will take another year or so before this one finds a mate and makes a nest of its own. They say that bald eagles will eventually nest within 250 miles of their birth place. I wonder where this one was born? I love surprises! This was wonderful!


June 2021

The pandemic has made everything very complicated. I haven't been out to see my buddy as much as I would like to be able to. Today was a good day though! This is my beautiful regal buddy, A/P and his offspring for 2021. As always, a peaceful paddle in the kayak on the Connecticut River. I am really blessed to time things right and see him and his eaglet. It warms my heart.

bald eagleA over P June 2021A/P 2021 in West Chesterfield NH juvenile bald eagleThe EagletA/P's offspring for 2021 March 2022

What the heck is going on?!

I am delighted to see this, no matter what! The big question is...what am I seeing? There is now a nest and two adult eagles in between the Retreat Meadows and the 91 bridge in Brattleboro. It does not appear that they are nesting...yet. They are certainly busy building a nest in a very short amount of time. They must be frantic. So, the question now this A/P and his mate? If so, does that mean their nest in West Chesterfield came down? Or is this a new pair of eagles encroaching on A/P's territory? I was only able to see the legs of one eagle and that eagle is not banded. The only way to know for sure is by seeing the legs to check for leg bands. I also need to get close enough with the camera to read the characters on the band, if they have any. This is torture for me. I know I won't be able to see clearly until I get back in the kayak. The weather is not quite kayak-friendly just yet but I will get in the water as soon as I possibly can. I love a  good mystery but this one is killing me! Updates will be coming as soon as I have some. This is so wonderful!

bald eaglePick Up SticksMarch 2022 near the Retreat Meadows bald eaglesBeak to BeakMarch 2022 near the Retreat Meadows bald eaglesMarch 2022 near the Retreat MeadowsMarch 2022 near the Retreat Meadows Bald eaglesMarch 2022 near the Retreat MeadowsMarch 2022 near the Retreat Meadows



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