Welcome to my bald eagle blog! I am lucky enough to live near several bald eagle nests in both Vermont and New Hampshire. For a few years I monitored a couple of the nests for Audubon Vermont. I had to keep records for them and I finally took that as an opportunity, in 2019, to start a blog about my visits and add some of my photographs to each blog entry.


Visiting the bald eagles and seeing their offspring is a precious opportunity for me. After spending hours and hours with them, I feel a strong connection to them. I always hope that emotional tie comes through in my photographs and the blog. I'm incredibly grateful for the experiences I have had.



Father and SonFather and SonMale adult bald eagle and his eaglet in the nest. Photo taken in southern Vermont

Wantastiquet Bald Eagle Nest in Hinsdale, NH - April 5, 2019

April 5, 2019

There are two active bald eagle nests in Hinsdale, NH along the Connecticut River. The one pictured below is a nest NH Audubon refers to as the Wantastiquet nest, and it is one of my favorites. The story goes that this pair had built a nest that was quite visible from the West River Trail in another tree about a half mile from where it is now. That nest was taken over by a pair of ospreys (Yes, it happens). The bald eagle pair rebuilt their nest further down the river.


I was able to find the nest via kayak last year and observe the pair of bald eagles in that nest. I have been able to identify both bald eagles from their colored leg bands. The state band on a bald eagle leg generally has two characters etched into it. Each state uses a different color band. In this case, the male bald eagle has the characters B/O etched on a gold band. I submitted that info to a bald eagle identification website and received information about that eagle.

The male (B/O) was hatched in 2008 in Massachusetts. The female, 9/K, was hatched in 2007 in Connecticut. They say that bald eagles will make their home within 250 miles of the place they were hatched. They had one eaglet last year (2018) that I was able to photograph.


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